Wenzel Storch


works in the film business.
JOURNEY INTO BLISS he has just finished the Jürgen Höhne Trilogy which began with



Wenzel Storch suffers from a “pronounced
church phobia”
(FILMDIENST/Catholic Film Services).
He is registered in the
Golden Book of the Boniface’s Works as well as being an abiding member of the Pallotine Mass Association (a lay order of Pallotine Catholics).



Until the introduction of cable television
Wenzel Storch was an extremely heroin-endangered species and he lives in
Hildesheim, which was the first city in Europe to be equipped with cable TV.



Actually, he would much sooner have been a
Country Star but unfortunately was born on the wrong continent.





1961 born in Braunschweig, Germany

1967 first day at school

1968 first holy communion

1969-77 altar-boy (St Joseph’s and St Kunibert’s)

1982 school leaving examinations

1982-83 forced labour (in old folk’s home)

1984-86 did a whole lot of walking

1986-89 „The Glamour Of These Days"

1990-92 „Summer Of Love"

1996-2004 „Journey Into Bliss"





Film Prayer

In the autumn of 1993 Papa Storch
presented his little nipper with an effigy of the
„Mother of God of Abiding Succour“.
On the reverse side there was this handwritten, fervent prayer:



Holy Mary,
Mother of God
of Abiding Succour and also our Mother,
pray for us,
my friends and benefactors,
and help me to receive
good thoughts for my films.


Mr. Storch’s personal
hit list in the categories
book, film + music

1. Michael Ende - Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
2. Walter Kempowski - Hundstage
3. Stan Lee & Jack Kirby -The Fantastic Four 1-102
4. Gerhard Henschel - Kindheitsroman
5. Carla & Vilhelm Hansen – Petzi as the King

1. Gérard Oury - La Grande Vadrouille
2. William Wyler – Roman Holidays
3. Alfred Hitchcock – To Catch A Thief
4. Josef von Baky – Münchhausen
5. Charles Laughton – The Night Of The Hunter
6. Terry Zwigoff – Ghost World
7. Wes Craven – Last House On The Left
8. Michael Gordon – Pillow Talk
9. Howard Hawks - Hatari
10. Klaus Kinski – Paganini

1. Black Sabbath – Paranoid
2. Krishna Das – The Krishna Waltz
3. David Hess – Now You`re All Alone
4. The Slits – Frequent Mutilation
5. Marianne Faithfull – A King At Night
6. Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – Just A Closer Walk With Thee
7. Modern Talking – You`re My Heart You`re My Soul
8. John McLaughlin – Dragon Song
9. Take That – Back For Good
10. The Raincoats – No Looking
11. Lee Perry – Bed Jamming
12. Psychic TV - Just Drifting
13. Robert Wyatt – Stalin Wasnt Stalling
14. Die lustigen Guschins – Lernt dich zu spielen ein Gitar
15. Palace Brother - Ohio River Boat Song
16. Moe Tucker – Danny Boy
17. Eminem - Stan
18. Manson Family – Never Say Never To Always
19. Franz Josef Degenhardt – Vatis Argumente
20. Anton LaVey – Honolulu Baby


"Keith Emerson"
from Wenzel Storch’s maths exercise book (6th grade)